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40"x 60" Limited edition print on canvas

 175 + 20 artist proofs

Periwinkle Beachball

SKU: 7045
  • “I wanted to paint a wave that was large enough, that when displayed in the window of my gallery, you could clearly see it from across the street. I found a large beachball, tied it to a string so I wouldn’t lose it in the wind, took it to the beach, held on to it like a dog on a leash and got my image. This is a beach near my gallery in Hanapepe on Kauai, Hawaii.”

    "The "original" of this print is among the largest paintings I've done, 54"x 84". I especially like the wall of water as it rolls onto the beach."

  • FREE shipping and handling for any US location. Each print is inspected, signed and numbered by Kim. The prints are carefully rolled and shipped in a protective tube.

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